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Glass by Angela Jane

One of the Emporium founding members, Angela has grown her business to a new level and is excited to soon be moving in to her own studio! Be sure to follow on her socials (linked below) to be kept up to date with the latest news.

Who is “Glass by Angela Jane”?

I am a fused glass artist.  I take specialist glass and hand cut, hand paint and fuse it in my kiln at home. 
​I am lucky to live with my family in a beautiful rural location on the Hampshire / Surrey border.  I take inspiration from the countryside around me and am always looking to experiment with new techniques.  
​I don’t mass produce anything, so all my pieces shown are simply an indication of what I can produce.  Everything can be adapted in either size, colour or shape to suite your preference.  If you would like to discuss any piece please contact me with no obligation.  I am also always open to new ideas, so please don’t be afraid to make suggestions.

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